About BECA

BECA is a nonprofit legal entity in which each lot owner will automatically become a member upon the
purchase of a property within Barkley Estates.  BECA is responsible for the governance of the
residential community, including administration and enforcement of the "Community's Covenants and
Restrictions", and "Design and Construction Guidelines and Procedures", which includes rules to
regulate lot and home improvements.  The principal purpose of the Association (BECA) is to promote
quality and consistency of design and construction and protect and preserve the community's values
and quality of life.  An annual assessment fee is charged for each property.

Barkley Estates was first developed in 1994 as a 165 acre beautiful upscale residential community by
Marrero Land Improvement Association.  The community was named after Marrero Land’s CEO, Mr. N.
Buckner Barkley, Jr. who is the great grandson of the founder of Marrero Land, Louis H. Marrero, Sr.  
The goal was to create a residential “Community”  as opposed to just another subdivision.  A
community association was created and each property owner is automatically becomes a member of
the association upon the purchase of a lot.  The association is responsible for governing the
community including the administration, and enforcement of the community’s protective covenants and
building restrictions, all to preserve and protect the quality of life and value of each property owner’s
investment.  The association is a key element and contribute immeasurably to the vitality and longevity
of the community.  It is essential that the residents and property owners pro actively work towards the
common goal of the association.
The community with 408 planned home sites was developed in four phases over the next 7 years.
Some of the areas finest home builders worked on custom homes filled  with both innovative and
familiar ideas.  This helped to maintain the aesthetics of an upscale community with its tree lined
boulevard entrance, community parks, and perimeter walking path.  On January 27, 1999, Barkley
Estates was approved as a private gated community by the Jefferson Parish Council.  This was
accomplished by a unanimous vote of all property owners.  Security gates were installed at both
entrances to the community.  During the years from 1994 to 2007, Marrero Land maintained
controlling interest of the community association, as they were the declarant of the community and
owned a substantial amount of property in the community.  September 2007 marked the beginning of
a new era for Barkley Estates.  Marrero Land, because they no longer owned a large enough
percentage of property in the community, turned over the governing authority of the community
association to the residents.  On this date, Barkley Estates became a self-sufficient community.  With
the efforts of all residents and property owners, we will continue to be a prestigious community on the
West Bank.
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Barkley Estates
Community Association